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Music production

-Music for the OCEANIA project in Montreal - "The shuttle" - The adventure begins.

-Music for the OCEANIA project at the 98 expo in Lisbon Portugal - H2O Universalis.

- Radio advertising for the billard club "Le Break" - Blues.

- D'ARCY ... TV show project ... Theme song - Rock.

- "Warped Against the wall" - Feature film .Opening track - Hot City.

- "Warped against the wall"- A guy walks in women high heel shoes .Funny.

- Corporate CD Rom for L'Oreal Paris .Opening.

- Corporate CD Rom for Portugal Telecom . 2 Loops.

- Documentary "Earth Marks"in association with the O.N.F.

All music composed by Stéphane Gagnon


Hear some samples of what we can accomplish in music production. In today's multimedia world, music takes an omnipresent place and helps define the character of a product . Whether it be for a feature film, a new video game or a 30 second commercial, we will always work with you to insure that our music composition reflects and enhances the tone, color and mood of your project.

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