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THE ART OF RHYTHM GUITAR Learn to read music and play rhythm guitar with sophisticated-sounding exercises structured like elements of pop songs, including the verse, chorus and bridge structure – as opposed to other beginning guitar books that rely on children’s songs. This book features standard chord graphics with fingerings, easy-to-read single line rhythmic notations, and picking indications. All tracks included on the accompanying CD are featured in both slow and normal tempos.

Clearly written and accessible to all, this is the perfect companion to any guitar class. Be ready for amazing results!

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THE ART OF CHORDS The Art of Chords addresses one of the most common weaknesses of the learn-by-ear guitar player, reading and understanding chords. This book offers a revolutionary approach to looking at chords, which is both simple and easily remembered. With the knowledge of just six chords, two basic formulas and some of the rudiments of music theory, the player can understand and play more than 9,000 possible guitar chords. Fun for individual study and classroom use, The Art of Chords is a great preparation of guitarists of any musical background.

-"the author succeeds in making what would be steep learning a fun, smooth ride." Jude Gold, Guitar Player magazine, May 2002 issue.

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THE ART OF CHORDS II is a logical follow up to volume one but can be studied separately. Designed for the composer in every one of us! Whether you are a student or working as a professional musician, The Art of Chords II will be a great tool in your music library.

« It’s a system; it’s a handy reference; it’s a guide for composers looking for that missing mystery chord… Clearly written, The Art Of Chords II boasts exceptionally clean graphics and equally articulate textual explanation. Highly recommended to players of all instruments.» Muzik etc.

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